4 Top Tips to Avoid Indie Author Stress – by the Author of 7 Self-published Books


Drawing on Day-job Experience

In a former life, I did my fair share of project manager and project director roles, and I draw on that experience to treat the publication phase as a project.

I don’t use any fancy software. I have a standard Word template with all the tasks I need to complete, from sending the book to my editor, through publication to the end of the blog tour. Each task is broken down into its elements.

All I have to do is take a shot at how long each element will take, set a target date, and everything on a version of the template for that particular book.

The plan will show each task element, when it needs to be done by, who else (if anyone) is involved, and how long to go to publication date after that element is completed. It gives me confidence that the publication date I settle on is achievable, and I know what I need to do in any given week.”

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