Comparing and Calculating IngramSpark and Amazon CreateSpace Author Royalty

“It can be tough to choose how to distribute your books and, to make it even more complicated, you can use combinations of services to maximize your marketing and profits. Lots of self-publishers sell their book directly to Amazon using CreateSpace and distribute elsewhere with IngramSpark because they think that they make more money on Amazon by doing that. A quick test showed me that isn’t true.

How to calculate royalty

There is a formula for calculating royalty, and here it is:

List Price – Discount – Print Cost = Publisher Compensation / Royalty

I used IngramSpark’s Publisher Compensation Calculator to determine the cost of a 6×9, 280-page paperback book: $5.44 profit. When I plugged these same numbers into CreateSpace’s Book Royalty Calculator, I got $4.78, which is 66 cents less.

Let’s take a look.”

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