25 Sure-fire Signs Your Publisher May Be Going Out of Business (and what you can do NOW to save your book!)

“I’d like to thank some of Tate Publishing’s victims for contributing a few of the items on this list! What are some sure-fire signs your publisher may be going out of business and what can you do to save your book from instant demise before (or when) they do?

25 Sure-Fire Signs Your Publisher May Be Going out of Business

  1. The publisher has changed ownership two or more times in the past few years
  2. The publisher hosts lavish events that make it obvious they’re not being responsible with their cash-flow. The owner may display (and flaunt) signs of wealth that you wouldn’t expect from someone in this type of industry.
  3. They hire editors for English-language books… who barely speak English.
  4. Each time you call or email them about your book, you get a different person. High employee turnover. Or, the ‘leader’ of a division of the company, who was very bad at their job anyway, suddenly leaves.
  5. You place an order for copies of your book but the order doesn’t arrive, or arrives way behind schedule.”
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