The Definition of “Indie Success”


Carrie and I have decided to fling ourselves full-force into independent publishing and attempt to become successful indie authors.

Which raises an important question. What exactly is a “successful” independent author? I came up with four answers to that one.

Indie Publishing Success: Financial Achievement

We’re not gonna lie. We’re in it for the money. When we realized that indie authors could claim the lion’s share of the income off their books–minus a deficit of extra blood, sweat, and tears–we were intrigued. Add to that a generous dollop of Ultimate Control over Everything Related to Your Book, and we were salivating like a couple of Bassett Hounds.

The flip side of this coin is definitely the whole blood, sweat, and tears part. Marketing is totally up to us. Book formatting is totally up to us. (Read that ‘Carrie’ — did I mention she’s the brains?) All the promotional book trailers, bookmarks, and baby onesies are up to us. (Onesies? Sure! Who else promotes their mystery/thrillers on baby onesies?)

So what, strictly speaking, is ‘financial success?’

For Carrie and me, we’d really like to be earning a living off writing novels. (Isn’t that every author’s dream?)

In reality, it’s very likely we’ll end up making our living off of the novels PLUS cool stuff like … I don’t know, personal writing classes at Indie Plot Twist (it’s in the plans; stay tuned) and selling branded baby onesies. (???) But we consider satellite writing activities to be part of our passion, so we’re okay with that.”

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