New at KDP & Amazon: “Bestseller” Authors Need to Prove Their Status (or risk getting pulled)

“So it seems Amazon may be cracking down on indie authors again. If you have ‘bestseller’ on your book cover be prepared to show proof that it was, in fact, a bestseller. And from the looks of the email below, it seems like anything that may give readers a skewed perspective of your book could lead to KDP contacting you and/or your book getting pulled. This also falls into the category of ‘Amazon Bestseller’ which hasn’t been allowed for a while, but the vetting of general bestseller status is pretty new.

If you have a book that has ‘bestseller’ or other ‘extra descriptive content’ on the cover, be prepared to get an email from Amazon/KDP. In the case of books that claim ‘bestseller’ status, you’ll need to send them a link that proves it. Not sure how to find your proof? Here is a link to find that information on USA Today:

This also begs the question: what is a bestseller? I mean really? Does it have to hit a certain # on a list? Top ten? Top 100?”

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