The Knotty and Nice of Indie Publishing #4 – Reviews, Interviews, Podcasts and YouTube

“Let’s talk about reaching out to your readers and potential readers.

Remember once the reader reaches your author page on Amazon or Smashwords, they look at the book’s cover, the description and then the reviews.

Reviews are what authors crave. We indie authors do not have a publisher to tell us how great our current book is and most of us do not want to hit you over the head with the ‘please read me’ tweets. It is so wonderful when someone reviews you and you can quote them as saying you are well written, clever, prolific, a multi-genre genius, whatever.

We live for reviews and are thankful to those who give them. A tip I picked up by reading other indie authors’ books is to insert an ‘author’s note’ in the back of each book, calling for a few words and a sprinkle of stars on any social, media or platform site. It works.”

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