6 Ways To Get More Book Reviews

“Book reviews are a form of social proof…

When a reader is deciding whether or not to buy a book, one of the things they look at is the reviews.

A lack of reviews can cause potential readers to move onto another book. It’s obvious how important reviews are, but it can be tough to get reviews, especially for new books.

Chicken or the Egg?

Getting reviews is a lot like the classic ‘Which came first: the chicken or the egg?’ puzzle. It’s harder to get people to buy your book if you don’t have reviews, but it’s hard to get reviews if people don’t buy and read your book.

It can be tough, but it IS possible to get reviews. It does take some hustle and work to find people to review your book, but it can be done! Plus, by reaching out in unusual places to get more reviews, you can expose your book to an even wider audience and hopefully get more sales!

So how do you get more reviews?

Here are some great ways to get more reviews for your books:

1) Ask your readers in the back of the book.

The space at the back of your book is valuable. If someone makes it to the back of your book, chances are they liked the book. If people don’t like the book, they often quit part-way through the book. So, you might as well take advantage of this opportunity to reach out to people who probably liked your book. We have a whole list of calls to action to put in the back of your book, but one of the things you should include is an appeal to your readers for a review.

Let those who finished your book know that reviews are hard to get. Let them know that you would greatly appreciate it if they took just a little bit more of their time to leave you a review. Some readers just do not know how important a review is, or they really aren’t thinking about reviews at that time. By bringing it up to them at the back of your book, you can increase the chances of getting a review from those who make it to the end.

2) Ask your readers via your mailing list and social media profiles.

If you have any readers at all on your mailing list or connected to you via social media, then use these avenues to make an appeal to your readers. Let them know that you’re struggling to get reviews, and if anyone has read your books, then to please take a moment to review your book. If they follow you on Twitter, if they like you on Facebook, and if they have given their email to you, chances are they like you and like what they have read, so you can get positive reviews.

Ask at least once every couple of weeks via social media. People might not see every post you make, so a simple message asking for a review every so often isn’t intrusive, but it can really help you to get more reviews for your book.

Be sure to celebrate any great reviews on social media and on your mailing list. This will entice other people to want to leave a review in hopes of being recognized by you in such a celebratory manner.”

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