Using Amazon KDP Ads to Sell Your Ebook on Amazon

“Amazon offers several ways to help authors promote and advertise their Kindle ebooks on Amazon itself. In this post, I’ll cover two types of ads Amazon offers through its Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) site for self-publishing authors. Note that you no longer have to be exclusive to Amazon in order to advertise on Amazon.

To get to the advertising interface, go to your Bookshelf in KDP and then click on the Promote and Advertise button next to the book you want to advertise. Next, click on the Create an ad campaign button.

You’ll see a screen asking you if you want to create a Sponsored Product ad or a Product Display ad.

Product Display ads have been around for a while, whereas Sponsored Product ads were introduced in 2015.

  • Sponsored Product ads appear below Amazon search results and below the fold on product (book) pages. Sponsored Product ads can be targeted by keyword or can use auto-targeting.
  • Product Display ads appear on related product detail pages and can appear on the Kindle reader screensaver and home screen. Product Display ads can be targeted by book genre or relevant products.

Visit Amazon to learn more about the differences between the two types of ads.

Product Display campaigns have a minimum budget of $100, are more difficult to set up, and have less granular reporting than Sponsored Product ads. Because of these drawbacks, I don’t believe Product Display ads are worthwhile for most self-published authors. The key to successful book advertising is to fail often—that is, you need to find out what doesn’t work quickly and move on to a more profitable strategy. With the way Product Display ads are set up, that’s difficult to do.

That said, some authors have reported having success with Product Display ads, so I’ll discuss how to set up both.”

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