Sunday Success Stories – How I Do It: My Indie Author Adventure by Jay Artale

Jay Artale is a non-fiction author of two travel guides and a Travel Memoir in Verse, and leads a digital nomad lifestyle splitting her time across three continents. She’s the Communication Manager for ALLi, and is part of the team that organises and runs the Indie Author Fringe events.

Today Jay talks about her journey as an indie author.

Please describe your indie author journey, from starting point to the present day.

I started writing poetry when I was a tweenie and have continued to write light-hearted verse to this day. I also penned half a dozen children’s stories during a 7-month back-packing trip around South East Asia in the nineties and had daydreams about coming a children’s author. But, I never really embraced the concept of ‘writer’ as a viable career path.

While I was still working as a global project manager for an Los Angeles based entertainment company I began stealth-blogging in my spare time. Initially I was self-conscious about being a blogger so I created ‘Roving Jay’ as my alter ego to fly under the radar of anyone who might actually know me. Now I use it to develop the brand I inadvertently created.

After visiting Turkey and buying a house there in 2008, I started research to find out as much about our local area as possible. There was very little tourist information available online, so I gathered information via personal experience and recommendations during trips to our new house. After a couple of visits I amassed such a wealth of information I decided to share my local knowledge with a wider audience and launched my destination travel website for the Bodrum Peninsula.

In 2012 I began creating and publishing Quick Reference Travel Guides in order to build my mailing list and leverage the breadth of travel information on my website. These trip-fold leaflets summarised the key information about the local towns and villages covered on my website, and were my first foray into self-publishing, albeit on a small scale.”

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