The Industry Finally Acknowledges Indies Are Authors

“The gates have finally been thrown open, all are welcome here… Such is the dramatic sentiment now that indie authors have been given their very own day at one of the previously excluding events, Digital Book World. With the laughable and out-of-date self-titled proclamation, ‘DBW Indie Author: The First Conference For The New Professional Author,’ industry leaders are once again convincing themselves that they set some kind of standard for self-published hangers-on.

Backing up, DBW has not been kind to self-publishing in the past. It has largely been an event aimed at patting the traditional publishing industry on the back for all of its innovation, while publishing regular blog posts that mock indies and shoot down any effort to prove that self-publishing can produce solid sales numbers.

This has been nowhere more evident than in DBW’s own author survey and its longtime scorn for the Author Earnings report. The company’s stance has long contained a negative refusal of acceptance that has questioned everything from Hugh Howey’s methodology in compiling sales figures–you can read about it in blog posts with titles such as, ‘Ten Reasons You Can’t Trust Everything You Read About the Author Earnings Report’–to asking if Data Guy was actually a real person. (Spoiler alert: he spoke at last year’s event, and is slated to speak at this year’s DBW Indie Author.)”

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