Head start: Magazines and literary journals for young writers

“Isabella Taylor, 13, began submitting art and poetry to Creative Kids Magazine at age 8. Her artwork appeared on several covers, and she wrote poetry and prose for the publication. ‘She ended up graduating high school at age 11,’ says editor Katy McDowall, ‘and starting community college.’ There, Taylor took sewing classes and began a fashion line, eventually winning a Scholastic Art and Writing Award for one of her couture pieces.

‘She’s had multiple showings of her art, and her fashion line is making its debut at Nordstrom stores,’ McDowall says. ‘We can’t really say how much Creative Kids influenced her decision to pursue fashion, but we love to think that we gave her an outlet to see her work in print when she was so young and likely wouldn’t have had the chance to get it out there otherwise.’

Dozens of magazines, both print and online, publish writing and artwork by contributors as young as 5 years old. Children and teens also serve on a publication advisory board, making decisions about what to publish and how to present each issue. They select themes and work closely with older writers, learning editorial skills. …

Do you know a young author of an amazing piece of poetry or prose, or perhaps a play or comic strip or kid-friendly recipe? Read on for suggestions about getting the work into print in these magazines and literary journals for young writers.”

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