How to work less, get better results

“Imagine having a couple extra hours of free time a day. Wouldn’t it be nice.

Work-life balance would shift favorably, you’d be more relaxed and you’d probably love your job more.

But wait, you might say, if I work less I’d get less done and my boss will really not be happy and my performance will fall and I’ll get fired and…. Wrong.

The myth of the 8-hour workday.

Here is the core misconception that makes so many of us unhappy. Working eight to 12 hours a day will not give you better results, it’ll just wear you down and make you spend your time waiting for the weekend or holidays so you could sleep.

Still, according to official statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American works 8.8 hours every day.

The roots of the 40-hour workweek are in the industrial era. It was Robert Owen who started using the slogan:

Eight hours labor, eight hours recreation, eight hours rest.

A little while later Ford implemented it in their factories, increased their revenue and productivity and it became an industry standard. A standard that is now a century old.

Surely, we can say that a lot has changed over the last 100 years. We’ve thrown out a ton of standards in that time, surely, we can throw out one more.

Less really is more.

Studies show that working less and staying more concentrated yields much higher results and allows you to stay productive for longer periods of time.

To work less, there’s actually just one thing you need to achieve. You must eliminate fake work from your daily routine.

Fake work is a loose term for everything that we call work but is actually pretty useless.

This includes the five minute breaks in Facebook some people take every 10 minutes (the fact that you work as a social marketer does not give you the right to spend time like’ing your cousin’s new pictures) but fake work also includes everything we do that might be part of our job description but doesn’t actually help us achieve our overall goals.

Remember those strategy meetings where you just sat and listened? That was fake work and you could have achieved just as much by spending that time catching Pokemon.

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