How I Tripled My Writing Income – in Just One Year!

“Doubling one’s income is quite a feat. Tripling it? Better yet. I did it in one year using LinkedIn, current clients, a job board, and synchronicity. Here’s the low-down on my three-tiered marketing angle.

Job Board

I don’t spend a lot of time on job boards, but I do use them to fill gaps in my writing time. I’d been looking for a way to get into law firm writing based on my stint as a newspaper editor recognized for legal reporting. One job board ad presented that opportunity with a lower-than-expected per-article rate. I accepted the terms of this assignment for two reasons:

The high volume increased my monthly income significantly, and

I could use the clips as samples for future law firm prospects.


Using LinkedIn’s Advanced People Search, I tracked down senior managers and executives I thought would make ideal clients. One such individual was the VP of marketing for a global career management company. Shortly after securing the above law firm writing client, I sent a letter of introduction asking if the VP of marketing if she wanted to see my clips. As it turns out, her company was actively searching for a writer.

This VP referred me to a subordinate marketing director. After speaking with her, I was on my first project within the week—at $1 per word, the most I’d ever been paid for writing.”

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