Creating a Blog Content Plan for 2017


Think about having a theme for the year

Each year on my blog I have a theme overarching the content through out the year. Not every post will relate to the theme, but around one a month will and I will have a series on the theme as well.

A theme can allow you to explore topics in a deep and informative manner or entertain readers through a connected narrative.

How to create your blog content plan

So now you have a sheet full of amazing blog post ideas, it is time to create your blog content plan. Here are your next steps:

Determine posting frequency

How frequently you post will differ for every blogger. My personal philosophy on frequency is that quality always trumps quantity, so if you are new to blogging I would start conservatively and build up, rather than find yourself running out of steam and publishing ‘filler’ posts.

In the example below you will note that there is only one post per week. I take holidays in January from the blog, so schedule out only one post a week. Once I return in February I will resume to posting three times a week, so adjust your posting frequency to take into account when you will have holidays from the blog if needed.

Create planning sheet

Once you know your frequency, create another tab in your planning spreadsheet like the one below. It has columns for:

  • Week – so you can keep track of how many weeks into the year we are
  • Date – so you know when to post!
  • Focus – if there is something going on at that particular time that you need to be aware of like school holidays, course launches etc
  • Post type – I write a mix of post types on my blog, some will be list style posts, some will be recipes, some will be long form, some will be about planning, some will be about parenting for example. Noting this allows me to offer up a mix of content across the week, months and year.
  • Topic/title – sometimes I will know the exact title for a post, other times I will know the topic like “goal setting for 2017” and the title will come after I have written it.