4 Steps to Establishing a Sensible Timeline for Your Book Launch

“There’s no doubt about it: book writing creates plenty of hair-raising, coffee-craving, nail-biting moments.

While most of us like a good adrenaline rush every now and then, a book launch is not the time to embrace a crazy, let’s-see-what-happens-next approach. It needs some structure—a sense of order.

A book launch plan needs to be bound in time.

It isn’t fluid and ongoing. It needs a start date and an end date. It needs to accommodate your launch strategy and tactics. It needs to be realistic so that you can budget your time efficiently.

So, how do you establish a timeline?

Step 1: Start by figuring out when your launch would have maximum impact.

After all, you wouldn’t release a Christmas-themed romance novel in March, a winter cookbook in summer, or a tax guide after tax season—at least not if you expect to gain traction. What you do want to do is determine whether there are any holidays, significant events, and dates that could aid or even negatively affect your launch. If there are, be sure to time your book’s release accordingly. Just imagine how many more copies of your book on settling workplace disputes you’ll sell if you launch on #NationalSlapYourIrritatingCoWorkerDay.

Step 2: Set a hard launch date.

Look, there are certain circumstances under which things could change (like the Internet breaking), but imagine how disappointed your audience will be if you’ve advertised a release date and you don’t deliver. It doesn’t set a good precedent for future releases, and it certainly doesn’t do much for building credibility or trust.

How do you figure out which day would be a good day to launch?

That depends. Some people might think you’re overthinking launch dates at this point—you launch when you’re ready to launch and that’s it. However, certain patterns start to emerge after enough research.”

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