Beyond the Notebook – Gift Ideas for Writers

“I think it’s natural, when you spend a huge chunk of life working at something, to develop specific preferences about the tools you use to make your work easier and/or a little more delightful. Since we’re in the holiday season, I thought I’d ask some of my favorite writers about their writing must-haves (anything from paperclips to creature comforts). Maybe one of their favorite things will give you an idea for your own wish list, or inspire the right questions to ask a writerly loved one in your quest to find them the perfect gift.

Pentel Twist-Erase mechanical pencils, .9 mm lead, 2B (special ordered). I can’t function without them. Starbucks Pike’s Place decaf. A room of my own.” ~Sandra Gulland

‘Those roster-sized Post Its that stick to walls, Sharpies, Pilot V Ball Grip pens, a good pad of paper.’ ~Tish Cohen

‘Semicolon notebooks with paper my fountain pen slides over (I write all notes in pen/paper and much of the first draft) also a black (of course) Retro Tornado mechanical pencil and eraser refills for all editing – I’ve edited all 17 books with it! Gregorian chants. I put them on the minute I sit down and I get lost in them, the world disappears, and I can write.’ ~M.J. Rose

‘Cappuccino. And a good gift for the writer you really like…..Bose noise-cancelling headphones.’ ~Karen Essex

Ticonderoga pencils; multi-colored notecards (not neon!); one dog on my lap, one in his bed near my desk.’ ~Marisa de los Santos”

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