27 Ways To Find More Blog Content Ideas!


l[B]ogging is essential for any business owner from consultants, to real estate professionals to authors (yes, you book is a business).

Blogging can seem like a chore because it’s additional work, but in time, your blog can become a powerful client-magnet or read- magnet.

I wanted to boost your blogging activities by offering a quick list of tips that will make things much easier for you.

Here’s my list of 27 Ways To Find More Blog Content Ideas!

1. Do random Google searches. If you can’t think of what to write, spend some time on social media or non-industry-related sites can help break you out of your rut. It’s kind of like how you think of your best ideas when you’re not thinking.

2. Create Swipe files. Keep a running list of awesome marketing campaigns, interesting ideas, and fascinating data that may come to you while you are on a run, at the grocery store, or even just waking up in the morning.

3. Create a bank of ideas on Trello. Trello.com is my new favourite tool and it’s also the perfect tool for brain-dumping topic ideas and organizing them however best suits you.

4. Keep a list of the most frequently asked questions from clients. Whether they come from customers, prospects, colleagues, friends, or your own brain, if one person has asked the question, you can be sure others have thought it. Refer to this list of questions when you’re looking for new blog post ideas.

5. Try Feedly for ideas. Create a group of RSS feeds in an RSS reader like Feedly — just for identifying news to jack. Fill it with news publications and other sites that publish news about your industry. Check it once or twice a day for newsjacking opportunities.

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