Are You a Freelance Writer? You Need an Accountability Group


While I’m way more productive as a freelancer, the life can also be lonely.

My personality is well-suited to spending long stretches of time on my own, and I’m good at seeking out companionship when I need it. But having friends you can meet for happy hour isn’t the same thing as having colleagues or coworkers you can bounce ideas off of.

That’s where accountability groups come in.

I’ve been a member of two different accountability groups — one for almost three years, and the other for just over five. The groups are slightly different, but both have been amazingly valuable for helping me grow my business and keep my sanity over the years.

What’s an accountability group?

You may already have trusted mentors or friends you can go to with your questions, or to get advice. But talking with a mentor or a casual friend is very different from creating a formal accountability relationship with others who are about your same level of writing skill or business.

Beyond keeping you accountable to your goals, an accountability group can help you brainstorm business ideas, answer your weird random questions and give you feedback on your work.”

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