The Pinterest 100: The top ideas to try in 2017

“There are all kinds of recaps and best-ofs this time of year, but instead of looking back, we’re looking ahead, to 2017.

The Pinterest insights team analyzed the search and save activity from the past year to identify the emerging trends on Pinterest. The final result is our official trend report, the Pinterest 100. It features the top 100 trends across key categories that we predict will be big in 2017. In order for a trend to make it into the report, it must show considerable year over year increase, critical mass and a strong upward trend during the final 3-6 months of the year.

The Pinterest 100 will help you better understand your customer’s mindset and see where interest is rising and falling. You can think about how you can stay on top of the next big trend, and even better—plan ahead. You’ll be able to make more informed creative, marketing and product decisions that will reach your customers at just the right time.

Here are a few highlights from this year’s Pinterest 100:

  1. The latest meat substitute is jackfruit (yes, a fruit)
  2. Sous vide is the fancy name for a set-it-and-forget-it way of cooking
  3. Indoor vines are taking over
  4. Bell sleeves are going to be BIG
  5. No-heat hairstyles are definitely a *yes*
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