How to Write When Life Sucks


Whether it’s topical or gradual, sometimes life feels overwhelming and terrifying.

For some, that is exactly when they bow their heads down and bull through, taking solace in their fictional worlds, living someone else’s life as they compose it on the page. They replenish through the writing itself.

Alas, I am not one of these people.

If you’re not either, then here are some tips and tricks that can help you write when, for whatever reason, life sucks and you’re having a tough time of it.

First question: do you really have to write?

If you find that you don’t have the reserves to write, think about taking a hiatus. It doesn’t make you less of a writer. It means you’re making your mental health a priority.

If you’re worried that by ‘taking a break’ you might chuck it all and never write again, or it ‘will be years’ before you go back to your project, or you’ll lose your inspiration, address your fears logically and compassionately.

For example, get a support group to give you accountability. Tell them that you’re taking a break until a certain date (not indefinitely!) and then have them check back with you on that date to see how you’re feeling.

Taking a break does not mean simply abandoning writing and otherwise making no change in your life. It means consciously choosing self-care, to replenish until you’re ready to write again.

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