How to Design a Logo: 50 Tutorials and Pro Tips

“One of the biggest design misconceptions is that it is easy to make a logo. To begin with, a logo is much more than just some colors, fancy fonts, and graphics put together. A logo is an essential part of a brand’s visual identity.

Creating a logo demands critical thinking, creative input, and methodical planning. Simply put: you don’t just sit down and create a logo while binge-watching your favorite Netflix show.

So, how do you make a logo worth remembering?

We’ve compiled 50 inputs – a combination of rules, tips, and tricks – on how to create an awesome logo. Read on, digest the guidelines, and put them in action.

The Basics

6. Research your audience.

Designing a logo is not just about creating an appealing visual. Your main objective is to build up a brand. You also need to set up a communicating position between the company and its target audience. This is why market research is important. It’s highly recommended to involve the client at this stage since your take on the brand may not be the same as theirs. It’s critical that you’re 100% clear on the message before you start the creative process.

7. Throw yourself into the brand.

Ahead of doing logo sketches, invest some time compiling information about the client: who they are, what they do, how they work, and what their target market is. Study previous versions of their logo (if available), and think about the upgrades needed to fully represent the brand. Then, make a list of do’s and don’ts pertaining to what the client needs before you get the ball rolling.

8. Save all your sketches.

It’s a common practice for designers to come up with a number of sketches for a single project. Even if you’re able to pinpoint early on which sketch to develop, don’t discard the others as they can be valuable resources in the future. Just because the other sketches didn’t work for one client doesn’t mean they won’t work for another. Revisit them whenever a new project comes in to find a seed of inspiration.

9. Research online.

If you’re struggling with ideas or concepts, look up keywords associated with the brand online. You can also search through Google images for visual inspirations.

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