40 Painless Website Improvement Tactics for a Better UX



How’s the logo look? Your logo shouldn’t be gigantic or puny. And it shouldn’t be crowded by other elements or lost in the mix. Place it top left and give it breathing room.

Color me simple. You don’t want to dump the entire box of crayons on your site. Shore up your color palette all across your site with 2-3 main colors that work well together.

Add a favicon. The little icon that appears in browser tabs is called a favicon. Add one to help brand your website. Favicons are also used when your site is bookmarked.


Clean up a headline. If there’s a muddy message where a clear and concise headline should be, clean it up and clarify.

Sliders be gone. If you have a multi-frame slider kicking off your home page, it’s time to nix that old trick. Determine your most compelling message and focus readers solely on it.

Can’t decide? You don’t know what your main message should be? Perform an A/B test and allow the results to guide this important decision.

Get to the point. Chances are you can easily find a page that’s overly wordy. Your busy readers appreciate brevity and clarity, so edit pages that are slow to get to the point.


Replace your stock. Do you have stock photography screaming, ‘we’re fake’ on a key page? Put a more authentic image there.

Prove some points. If you’re stashing all your best testimonials and other forms of social proof on one predictable page or burying them deep, resurface them on popular pages where they’ll reach more eyeballs.

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