How To Make Money With Udemy (The Right Way)

“There is a lure to the idea of attaching yourself to a big company with a lot of resources, using their marketing power to then generate a revenue. And that’s something that Udemy promotes to course creators.

You can post a course on Udemy and make money selling it. And they have a lot of eyeballs.

All this is true. But, it comes with a huge ‘but’.

Publishing on Udemy has perks – and money can be made. But, if you go into it blindly without knowing the limitations, you may find yourself working FAR harder to make the money you want than would otherwise be needed.

On the flip side, if you create training content and already have your own platform, you can use Udemy to promote your business and build leverage inside an established community who is actively looking for learning.

So, let’s talk about the right way to make money on Udemy…

My Own Experience With Udemy

… [F]or me, Udemy was always a ‘value add’ to my business. I don’t need Udemy, but hey, let’s see what I could get out of it.

So, some time ago, I published a free course on Udemy. It is the 30 Day Blog Transformation Challenge. A free course I created for the purposes of building my own list.

A couple years ago, I decided to re-publish the course on Udemy. The idea was simple…

Provide a very valuable course to the Udemy community. Maybe get some exposure on their platform. And, if people want to come on over to the Blog Marketing Academy for more, they can. So, yes, my strategic intention was to use Udemy as lead generation.

At the time, my review of their guidelines didn’t include anything that would disallow that. Plus, the Challenge had a very important email component that was there way before Udemy. I felt that students wouldn’t get the full value of the Challenge if they didn’t have those emails. So, it made perfect sense for me to invite them – optionally – to opt-in to receive those emails.

And I’m not going to BS anybody about it…

I have made far more money because I own THIS platform than I EVER would have if the Challenge were a paid course on Udemy. But, more on that in a minute…

Fast forward a couple years later…

I get a warning letter of policy violation from Udemy. They take issue with the invitation to subscribe for the emails. That invitation was at the beginning of the course because those emails were designed to be sent as you progress through it. Well, apparently, I had to move that to the bonus lecture at the END of the course.

That kind of defeated the point of the emails, but I said ‘fine’. So, I moved it around and sent it to the back of the course. No more emails, at least for that purpose.”

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