Why You DON’T Need a Website for Each Book!

“This is a question/ conundrum I hear all the time, and unfortunately, by the time an author asks me this, it’s usually too late.

Q: Do I need a website for each book?

My answer to this is a resounding ‘NO!’ and here is a list of reasons why:

1. Building a website is no easy task (as you might recently have discovered). You absolutely, 100% need an author site (firstnamelastname.com), so you might as well spend the time and money on that one first before branching out into a book-specific site that you’re probably not going to need five years from now. If this news upsets you, I apologize, but look at it this way– at least you built one website rather than six!

2. Speaking ‘as’ a book is awkward and difficult, and often not productive. Many times, I encounter authors who have built (or had people build) two or more websites for books they’ve written, but they still don’t have a website dedicated exclusively to themselves. My ‘devil’s advocate’ question for that scenario is– ‘Where is the email signup/ social media on this site?’ and if they do have this, ‘Who is going to sign up to receive updates FROM a book?’ This does not make sense, usability-wise, because you wrote the book, so technically if they sign up or visit your social media, they are wanting to hear from you. Trust me, Tweeting as a book (or a character in a book) gets old very quickly. Try it and see!

3. You are going to write more books, right? I have rarely met an author with only one book in them. Making a website dedicated to one book means that you’re going to have to make one for the next book, and the next one, and so on (until and unless you stop the insanity by making an author website and talking about all of your work in one place).”

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