Level up: Writing for video games

“… [B]reaking into writing for video games is a daunting task. How do you write a story for an interactive virtual world? What kind of ideas should you pitch? And most importantly – how do you even get your foot in the door? …

[F]or writers who feel up to the challenge, a steady paycheck awaits. While the returns increase the longer one works in the industry, Yohalem says for someone in his position, it wasn’t uncommon to make a six-figure salary. ‘I think you’re a lot better off [in video games] than a lot of other writers,’ he laughs.

As for getting your foot in the door? It could be as easy as sending a sample. ‘Develop samples that show that you understand how systems and gameplay work and that show you’re a good writer,’ Yohalem said.

Of course, another avenue is available to intrepid writers trying to break into the industry: going independent, or ‘indie.’ Working on an independent game often involves a small team and more creative control. But like writing a novel without a publisher, indie games often have little up-front money and risk generating little to no revenue – if they get completed, that is.”

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