How to Use Fiverr to Create a Book Trailer


Weigh the Pros and Cons of a Trailer, for Nonfiction Books and Novels

Not every project may be worth the effort and expense of a book trailer, but as we neared the end of production for Author in Progress, the book we all created together here at Writer Unboxed, I knew this WAS a book that was worth a trailer. Top three reasons:

  1. A pitch for this book could be written that would be fundamentally similar to one you’d see in a commercial for soap or physical therapy or anything else with utility, geared toward a very specific audience: writers of novels.
  2. The book delivers on the promise of that pitch.
  3. The video could be made using a white-board and/or cartoon-character approach, with a modest budget.

Does this mean you shouldn’t consider a Fiverr trailer if you have a novel as opposed to a craft book for novelists?

Not necessarily. Though there are fewer clear options for folks who don’t mind something somewhat generic (like these possibilities for your fantasy, romance, or suspense) some Fiverr artists will match imagery with a narrative you provide. For example here’s one artist (I don’t know him from Adam — or from Steven, in this case), who claims to use quality stock photos and music to create a personalized video. “If you need a video about a girl with blonde hair trying to make it in Hollywood, I may use a photo of a blonde girl waiting tables (if that is in the book) or a girl carrying luggage. I may not use faces that much. I try to leave the specifics to your audience and your book,” he writes in his FAQ section.

Before you decide to commit to a trailer, though, consider the pros and cons, including:

  • Does your book have a specific audience, and will your trailer target that audience?
  • Is the project within your budget?
  • Do you have a plan for using your trailer, or would it be posted on your site and promptly forgotten?
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