New Book Promo Sites, Blogging, Freebies…



These guys are new and have put together a nice, professional site. Right now it’s free to advertise as long as you meet their requirements. Basically that means five or more reviews with a 3.5 or greater average, no errors, professional cover, and priced at $4.99 or less. You’ll find exact requirements on their page. I’ve heard results ranging from zero to forty sales by using them. Their Alexa ranking is okay and growing steadily. Take advantage of them while it’s still free; I have a feeling they’re here to stay.


Again, this is a newer site but they’re working hard to find ways to help us. They recently switched from free to a small cost-per-click rate. Their requirements are pretty lenient and they will promote perma-free books as well. I had decent results from them recently and from the correspondence we had and the professionalism of their presentation, I think they’ll continue to grow. Their Alexa also isn’t super, but the arrow is pointing upward. They are definitely worth checking out.”

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