Do You Need an ISBN for eBooks

“… Proponents for using ISBNs with eBooks cite a number of reasons:

  • They make you look professional.
  • They make your books easier to find (more discoverable).
  • They get your books into more places.

Opponents of using ISBNs with eBooks cite these reasons:

  • ISBNs cost money.
  • They have not been proven to increase sales.
  • It’s an antiquated practice that isn’t needed for eBooks.

The Truth About eBooks and ISBNs

Let’s analyze the pros and cons.

  • No question that to do ISBNs the right way, they cost money. But it’s not much if you invest in at least 10 at a time.
  • I don’t think there’s any doubt that they make you look professional, but some would question whether that helps sales.
  • I would like to think they make your books easier to find, but that might be a minor point only true for a very small percentage of people.
  • The primary plus for me is that using an ISBN for eBooks will get you into more places, which means potentially more sales. And one of those places are libraries.”
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