Wordpreneur Redux

Had to do some “not quite minor” technical changes and site improvements, and I figured, what the hey, I may as well go through all the old content and do some maintenance and updates on that too. Which means I’ve stripped the site of all the old stuff — done! — then I’ll be going through all of it bit by bit, zapping what needs zapping and reposting the still useful and interesting, updating as needed.

I also figure that instead of releasing all the content en masse, I’ll gradually republish them over time, as I work through them. Rereleasing them, in a sense, like new posts. Newbies won’t be able to tell the difference, and those of you who’ve been here a while will likely enjoy “rediscovering” and reviewing the posts, author tips and visuals, like I do. Now if I did this normally — rushing through the pile of posts in bulk to get them back on the site live (archived, really) — it’ll no doubt feel like a chore and will probably be of no benefit to most (who really goes through archives anyway?), but the way I’ve decided to do it, this process may actually prove fun and useful for all of us!

I also plan to mix in new content as I progress through this process. I was thinking of doing something that would indicate and bring attention to the new stuff, but you know what, I don’t think I’m going to bother. I will, however, do something to note and help identify the dated-but-still-uber-useful material as they’re rereleased, content like the huge number of Wordpreneur Peeps author interviews I’ve done the previous years. But other than those, I don’t think any of the other content that makes it back on the site will need that kind of treatment.

OK? Onwards …