How to Download Facebook Video to Your Computer

facebook logoYesterday, for its 10th anniversary, Facebook gave us users a wonderful gift: a short, slightly over a minute long video “slideshow” retrospective of our personal Facebook history, generated from our profile pictures, most-favorited posts and other photos. Well, I loved mine anyway — got a bit teary-eyed. Which meant I wanted to download a copy to my computer to view, share and whatever. Here are instructions on how to do that too with pretty much any publicly-accessible video stored on Facebook.

NOTE: To download your Facebook anniversary vid, the first thing you have to do is post it on your timeline instead of just viewing it on the A Look Back area. To do that, you must first share it by clicking on the green “Share Your Movie” button.

NOTE 2: These instructions are for videos that are stored and hosted on Facebook itself, not “embedded” clips from third party sites like YouTube.

Step 1. Make sure your video is set to Public. You can always return it to its previous privacy setting after this relatively quick process.

Step 2. If you haven’t yet, navigate to your video (instead of just looking at it shrunk down and mixed in with everything else on your Timeline).

Step 3. Your browser’s address bar will have the direct link to the video. It will look something like this (it’s all just one line):

You’ll want to copy that, but you don’t need all of it. I prefer to edit it before copying it to memory. Delete the following (highlighted):

So, the resulting link you’ll want to copy will look like this:

For the next few steps, we’ll be using a third party site and service to do the necessary conversions and downloading. As of this writing, it’s a free ad-supported service — you just have to easily bypass whatever banner ads it may display on the site (not to worry — no ads on the resulting downloaded videos). I’m not affiliated with this service in any way, and obviously have no control over it; if it changes as it’s described in the following steps (or even if it disappears completely), let me know through a comment below.

Step 4. Paste the link you copied into your browser’s address bar and make the highlighted change before proceeding:

Step 5. That’s it! The service will do the conversion. You’ll see your video on the screen, and at the bottom you’ll find the two links (green buttons) to download “Low Quality” and “High Quality” versions of your video (in MP4 format). Just right-click on either of the green links and select the “Save Link As” ¬†option (or whatever your browser calls it) to save your video file to your computer.

NOTE: Any other “download” links on the page besides the green buttons I mentioned are likely advertising links and not the actual download links for your video.

Have fun!

Article by Eldon Sarte