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Wordpreneur Peeps logoIndie author Sarah PriceA descendant of the Preiss family, who came from Europe to the U.S. in 1705 and settled in Pennsylvania among the first wave of Mennonites, Sarah Price has always loved exploring and researching her family’s history, culture and religion. When she was 19, she began living on the farm of an Amish family she befriended. Today, she spends time at both her residence in the New York metropolitan area with her husband and children, and a home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, she shares with an Amish woman where she “retreats to reflect and write.”

Although a regular writer since she was 8, her fiction writing understandably “tapered to a trickle” as she experienced difficulties with her first marriage. But as she wrote on her blog, “… once you are a writer, you are always a writer.” Now settled in her second marriage, she revisited and published many of her old work, such as Fields of Corn: The Amish of Lancaster, and returned to working on many new projects. Despite an already impressive body of published work of predominantly Amish fiction, she has absolutely no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

How Sarah Got Started Self-Publishing

Fields of Corn by Sarah PriceAfter publishing Fields of Corn, her first self-published book, on Amazon, Sarah says, “I actually forgot about it.” A year later, she began noticing that Amazon was sending her checks! Curious (who wouldn’t be?), she quickly learned that her book was selling well. Not only that — readers were asking for sequels!

Overnight success? Not really. “I wrote Fields of Corn in 1989 while living on an Amish farm. Much of it is based on my actual experiences. Since my family heritage is Anabaptist, my interest in the Amish comes naturally. As an outsider, it’s very hard to be accepted within the Amish culture — the relationships that I have today began over 25 years ago.”

Sarah takes great pride in “presenting an authentic Amish experience” to her readers. She explains that many of her stories are based on actual people she’s met and her own experiences living with the Amish through the years.

Now, whether her work would have come to establish itself in the marketplace to the degree that it has with or without Amazon and ebook technology, who can really tell. But the fact is,  now we have a chance to see that world she’s lived in through her memories and words. As for Sarah: “Today, I am a full-time author with over 50 published titles.”

Self-Publishing Tips

  • “Self-publishing is not about the writing but about how you market your books and yourself.”
  • “Know your audience, connect with your audience, and love your audience.”
  • “You have to be sincere in your passion for what you write and who reads it.”

Learn more about Sarah and her work by visiting her Amazon author page and her website. You can also follow her on Facebook.

Originally published: August 13, 2013