WpTF: June 21, 2013

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After covering WordPress resources the past few WpTF installments, let’s take a break from it for a tad. We’ll no doubt be back, and soon, what with WordPress being a big mainstay of my day-to-day activities, but this week let’s take a look at a few free productivity tools of particular interest to wordpreneurs (aka writers). Namely, a few of those specialized thingies that may help us buckle down, focus, and pump out those words!

Nanny for Google Chrome. The Web is one big effing distraction, and modern browsers with their speed and multiple tabs and yada yada yada make it oh so easy to have multiple sites and social networks up and running concurrently, making it that much easier to take “just a minute to update my status” and whatnot, and we all know that if someone claims afterwards that it really did just eat up no more than a minute of his time, he’s a lying cuss. This is an extension for the Google Chrome browser (pretty sure bet there are similar extensions or add-ons for other popular browsers) that lets you specify what services and URLs to completely block from use while you focus on what you need to focus on. It has a surprisingly robust set of options on how to block those distracting timesink sites — it even lets you track the amount of time you spend on sites you specify.
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White Noise. You’ve heard of white noise — it’s the static crackling sound we used to hear on old school TVs when we turned to a channel that wasn’t broadcasting anything. Dead air. It supposedly helps you relax, even sleep. And apparently, helps you focus and work when you have it playing in the background. I can see how, what with it effectively masking a lot of environmental noise and distractions. You can select other “color” noises too, with this tool — I like gray and violet.
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Written? Kitten! Now here’s a cute way to give yourself a bit of a “positive reinforcement” incentive to write X number of words (say, you want to make sure you want to write at least 1,000 words of that novel you’re working on a day, or you’ve decided to write and post at least a 700-word blog post daily)… assuming you like cute pictures of cats and can manage to convince yourself that looking at them is rewarding. This free online tool lets you specify how many words you want to achieve, then start writing on-screen. When your word count hits the target number (it continuously shows you your incrementing count), it displays one of its pics as a reward for your achievement! Wish we could change the pics to whatever we wanted, but those kitty pics are indeed pretty cute.
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Now go be productive. And have a great weekend!

Article by Eldon Sarte