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Wordpreneur Peeps logoIndie author Ryne Douglas PearsonRyne Douglas Pearson is the author of several novels — All for One, The Donzerly Light, Top Ten, and more — and a short story collection, Dark and Darker. Besides having his novel, Simple Simon, turned into the film Mercury Rising, Ryne is also a screenwriter who has worked on several movies, including uncredited work on a number of films such as the remakes of The Day The Earth Stood Still and The Eye. The sci-fi film Knowing, however, is based on his original script and opened #1 at the box office in 2009, eventually making $180 million worldwide.

Yeah, Ryne’s work is dark. But Entertainment Weekly said he’s got a “sweet, disarming quality,” and he says he’s had the darndest time trying to shake off the “accusation” ever since. Considering that he lives out in sunny California with his family, maybe Ryne needs to move here to the East — we’ll work that sweet disarming-ness out of him right quick.

How Ryne Got Started Self-Publishing

All For One by Ryne Douglas PearsonRyne already had five novels out on the market traditionally, one published by Putnam and four by William Morrow (now owned by HarperCollins), when he set it all aside in 2000 as he got more involved in screenwriting. By 2010, he wanted back into the novel writing game. But, “I found that, surprise surprise, no one wanted to publish me,” he remembers. And around the same time without him asking (fortuitous?), Putnam sent him notice that the rights to his novel Top Ten had reverted back to him.

“I was also beginning to read more and more online about publishing directly through Amazon,” he says, “and at that point, besides Top Ten, I had two other novels that publishers didn’t want back… and a new one that I was getting no interest in.”

So, self-publish them he did. His experience told him he had absolutely nothing to lose. “It really was a no-brainer. I’d gone the traditional route, and had seen my books published with no support, no advertising, no attempt to actually, you know, sell the things, so I figured I couldn’t do any worse.”

Self-Publishing Observations

  • “Paper publishing will be a niche market within ten years.”
  • “Bookstores, unless they offer some true reason to walk through their door, will die out, other than true independents who know how to offer a value-added experience.”
  • “Writers who write well, and prolifically, will thrive.”
  • “Major publishers will move away from fiction.”
  • “More writers will become self-contained industries, a la James Patterson, only they won’t need paper-pushing conglomerates to become or remain successful.”

Learn more about Ryne and his work by visiting his Amazon author page and his website. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Originally published: May 27, 2013