peeps: Brett Battles

Indie author Brett BattlesWordpreneur Peeps logoThe author of over fifteen novels, Brett Battles is best recognized as the man behind the popular Jonathan Quinn series of thrillers featuring “a man whose job it is to make bodies disappear.” Jonathan Quinn book #2 — The Deceived — even picked up the Barry Award for Best Thriller.

Southern California born and raised, Brett worked in the entertainment industry, but has now moved on to doing what he’s been dreaming of doing since he was 11-years-old: writing full-time. He also travels extensively — Ho Chi Minh City, Berlin, Singapore, London, Paris, Bangkok — to many destinations that have played and will play parts in his Jonathan Quinns.

Nice work if you can get it, huh?

How Brett Got Started Self-Publishing

The Collected by Brett BattlesA three book deal with Bantam Dell was where Brett’s career as a novelist got started. That was immediately followed by another contract for two more books. Things were looking pretty rosy! Well, too rosy, as it turned out, because soon after the second contract went into play:

a. The economy started tanking, and …

b. His two major supporters at the imprint — Brett’s editor and Bantam Dell’s head — left the company.

Bantam Dell’s new management had other priorities, so as soon as he was able to, Brett moved on. To self-publishing. “I had heard a lot about the new wave of self-publishing ebooks via Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and was very interested in testing it out,” he says. However, “I still felt that I should find a new publisher. That’s how it was always done up to that point, after all. So I initially decided to do both — write one book that my agent could shop around, and one that I would publish myself.”

Well, Brett enjoyed the independent publishing process so much, “I pulled the other book back before it could be sent around, and self-published that one, too.” That was a dozen self-published novels ago. It’s probably a safe bet that Brett’s indie author lifestyle isn’t going to be changing anytime soon.

Self-Publishing Tips and Observations

  • “It is important to put yourself in the best position you can to succeed. To me this means two things…
  • “The first, and most important, is to produce quality books. By this I mean write the best story you can, get it professionally edited and copy edited, format it so that it looks great, and finally have a cover created that could be on a book coming out of one of the publishing houses in New York.
  • “The second key to putting yourself on the road to success is getting as much (quality) material up for sale as possible. The more books you have on your virtual shelf, the more visible you will become. It also helps in the income area as none of your titles will have to be a break out hit for you to make decent money. They will all work together, each selling their bit and adding to the whole, and then you will bring out even more books, adding them to the pile. If your work is good and readers like it, it can be like a snowball rolling downhill.”

Learn more about Brett and his work by visiting his Amazon author page and his website. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Originally published: April 2, 2013