peeps: Nancy K. Duplechain

Indie author Nancy DuplechainWordpreneur Peeps logoReared in Ville Platte, Louisiana — part of Cajun Country — Nancy K. Duplechain is the author of Dark Bayou and Dark Carnival, the first two books in her soon-to-be completed Dark Trilogy. It shouldn’t be surprising then that her stories take place in Louisiana, where she still currently lives.

Nancy did move to Los Angeles in 2008 to pursue screenwriting. On a visit back home a year later, however, she was struck by and reminded of the beauty and mystery of the area while taking a swamp tour with her friends. More importantly, she found it inspiring. Immediately upon her return to Hollywood, she began writing Dark Bayou, and eventually returned to Cajun Country in the summer of 2011.

After she finishes The Dark Trilogy, Nancy is excitedly looking forward to trying her hand at the young adult fantasy genre.

How Nancy  Got Started Self-Publishing

Dark Bayou by Nancy K. DuplechainWhen Nancy finished Dark Bayou, she gave it to the mother of an acquaintance to look over. The lady, who edited for some big authors, reviewed the work and said Nancy had promise, giving her a list of boutique agencies to query, with her permission to use her name as a reference.

None of them were taking on new clients.

The next suggestion? Try self-publishing. So Nancy did the research and just went for it.

Nancy released Dark Bayou in paperback, hardback and ebook formats. But she reports that “it didn’t start to see much success until after I utilized Kindle’s KDP Select program.” When she released Dark Carnival in 2012, she promoted Dark Bayou as a free download for the Kindle market, and sales of Dark Carnival took off as well.

Good timing. “Due to unforeseen circumstances, I found myself out of a regular job in August of 2012,” she says. “I had made enough in Kindle sales alone to carry me through to 2013, to keep me afloat until I found another job. For the first time, I felt like a real author, because my work was paying the bills, and it still is.”

Self-Publishing Tips and Observations

  • “eBooks are such game changers! You don’t have to pay anything up front. You set the price, and you keep most of your profit. The consumer pays far less because you’ve cut out the printing-and-shipping process. It’s a win-win situation. There will always be a need and want for actual, physical books, but ebooks have taken the publishing world by storm and will continue in a holding pattern for a while.”
  • “What’s brilliant about KDP Select in particular is that, if you sign up with them, you’re in the program for ninety days, and they give you five days of free advertising. During those five days, your book can be downloaded for free. You won’t make any money on this, but it really pays off if you have other books, because if the reader likes you, they will check out more of your work.”
  • “Also, Amazon Prime members can ‘borrow’ your book for free at any time during your ninety-day promotion period, but Amazon has a fund that will pay you when someone ‘borrows’ your book.”
  • “I would rather hold an actual book in my hands than an e-reader, but I can’t deny how wonderful the technology is and how much it’s changed my life.”

Learn more about Nancy and her work by visiting her Amazon author page. You can also follow her on Facebook.

Originally published: March 25, 2013