peeps: Christi Snow

Indie author Christi SnowWordpreneur Peeps logoLike many avid readers with an interest in writing, Christi Snow always dreamed of writing books that brought to others the kind of joy she felt when she read. But she “never did anything about it besides jot down a few ideas and sparse scenes.”

Then she turned 41. That’s when she decided it was time to go after the dream and start writing. Four months and 150,000 words later, she hasn’t stopped since.

As the author of the Romantic Suspense When the Mission Ends series, “I found my calling by writing about sexy, alpha heroes and smart, tough heroines falling in love and finding their passion,” she says. “I’m truly living the dream and loving every minute of it.” As her tagline so nicely puts it:

“Passion and adventure on the road to Happily Ever After. She’s loving this adventure!”

How Christi Got Started Self-Publishing

Operation: Endgame by Christi SnowAs mentioned previously, Christi did not start writing until later in life. After finishing her first book, she got started working on the whole traditional query/submission writing process.

“Oh my God! I hated that kind of writing,” she remembers not too fondly. “It was painful. I hadn’t waited my entire life to start writing to then just spend days on end writing bad short overviews of my books. I knew there had to be a better way.”

While going through all that, she followed a number of author blogs. Melissa Schroeder’s blog was one of those. “Melissa talked very bluntly about her experience self-publishing versus going the traditional route. She convinced me and I’ve never regretted it for a moment since.”

Self-Publishing Tips and Observations

  • “I have no idea where the self-pub industry is going. I see huge growth in the future and think that it’s going to become even more competitive.”
  • “That’s why it’s so important to put out a quality product. Hire your editors, proofreaders, and cover designers so that what you put out there is worth reading.”
  • “I’ve made a few mistakes along the way and I’m sure I’ll make more as I go along. I know that I’ve been incredibly lucky so far with my success.”
  • “I also highly recommend Self-Printed: The Sane Person’s Guide to Self-Publishing by Catherine Ryan Howard. I would have been lost throughout this entire process without it, and still, after three books, I pull it out every time when I’m ready to start uploading my book for publishing.”

Learn more about Christi and her work by visiting her Amazon author page and her website. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Originally published: March 4, 2013