peeps: Aiden James

Indie author Aiden JamesWordpreneur Peeps logoAiden James’ writing career started roughly fourteen years ago, after pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter in Denver and later in Nashville. Now with thirteen books to his credit (such as The Judas Chronicles series), he has ten more slated for release this year. He is fascinated by Gothic history and the supernatural, and is an avid researcher of all things paranormal, spending much of his time investigating haunted locales throughout the Deep South.

How Aiden Got Started Self-Publishing

Immortal Plague (Judas Chronicles Book 1) by Aiden JamesAiden wouldn’t have ventured into self-publishing had it not been for J.R. Rain, Aiden’s literary agent at the time and his good friend. J.R. straddled two careers — he was both an author and an agent — and found success in early 2010 as a Kindle author. By June of that year, he convinced Aiden to give it a shot. “I am forever grateful that he convinced me to do it,” says Aiden. “I have never regretted the decision to self-publish!”

Self-Publishing Observations and Tips

  • “It is a lot harder now than it was two and a half years ago to get established. Even so, I see new authors break into the self-pub business all the time.”
  • “It’s important to have a game plan that extends far beyond merely writing a book.”
  • “Writing in popular genres is critical these days, so I recommend for new authors — or those who have been patiently waiting for NY to glance their way — to tailor their stories to what is easily marketable. It is vitally important to align your work with what is selling. This doesn’t mean that you should lose your identity — your uniqueness. But, play the angles in your work that relate to what readers are looking for. If you write contemporary fantasy or action adventure, bring out the aspects of your work that correspond to successful Kindle authors in those genres, and then position those similarities in your marketing and tagging once your book is released. You don’t necessarily have to mention other authors per se, but make your book’s description attractive so that someone looking for a Clive Cussler book or the next Charlaine Harris novel will consider yours — especially those readers looking for someone new.”
  • “The business is always changing. I am one of the few in my group of authors I hobnob with that believes audiobooks might well become the next big thing. It’s the MP3 accessibility, in my opinion, that could become the catalyst for significant growth. We saw it save the music industry a number of years ago, and now subscribers to companies like iTunes and can pay a membership fee and purchase audiobooks for roughly the same cost of the majority of ebooks out there. The convenience of listening to a book on the go has never been easier.”

Learn more about Aiden James and his books by visiting his Amazon author page and his website.

Originally published: January 15, 2013