Wordpreneur Reader 09.07.2012

Here is this week’s Friday installment of the Wordpreneur Reader, with links to articles elsewhere I found informative and useful. Enjoy, go forth and learn, Grasshopper!

Amazon Changed Reading. Now It Could Change Writing (Fast Company) — “Amazon introduced a subscription book format at a press conference in Los Angeles Thursday. These books, called ‘Kindle Serials,’ will be released in segments instead of in their entirety. Updates, or ‘episodes,’ automatically appear at the back of the book as they’re created or released without extra charge.”

Dominate Your Personal Brand On Google With This 14 Point Checklist (KISSmetrics) — “Google yourself. See that? It’s your personal brand. Unless you love everything about each listing on the first page, it’s time for some personal branding SEO.”

How 5 Top Bloggers Made The Financial Jump To Self Employment (The College Investor) — “How to manage the logistics of self employment seems like a daunting mystery… If you work full time, many things are just taken care of for you without even thinking: a steady paycheck, health insurance, and retirement planning.  However, if you’re self-employed, you throw all of those givens out the window.”

How I Leveraged LinkedIn to Create a 7-Figure Business In Three Years(Forbes) — “Imagine being completely broke… This is the exact situation I found myself in following a career ending injury in 2007 that took me from the AFL (Arena Football League) to my sister’s couch. Broke, broken and confused, I had no idea what was in store for me next and no idea what I was supposed to do with my life.”

Kindle Fire HD vs. Google Nexus 7: Which $199 tablet deserves your cold hard cash? (Yahoo!) — “Amazon’s brand new Kindle Fire HD and Google’s Nexus 7 are entirely different beasts, playing to the respective strengths of the parent companies that hatched them.”

9 Twitter Business Lessons From Tennis Pros (Social Media Examiner) — “Players who can find their true voice deliver the goods and gain followers. Be sure to deliver a big dose of your brand’s voice and style. Twitter isn’t the platform for corporate sales-speak…”

7 Simple Steps to Selecting the Right Topic for Your eBook or Digital Product (The Future of Ink) — “You most likely fall into one of two camps. Camp 1 is where you need more ideas and clarity about your project. Camp 2 is when you have a ton of ideas but aren’t sure which one to pursue…”

12 Lessons Learned from 12 Years of Writing (Copyblogger) — “No doubt when you are done you’ll have a healthy pile of crap on your screen. But now you’ve got something to work with.”

Why Didn’t You Sign Me! (Novel Rocket) — “Three agents? Even though water still gushed from behind my ears I knew enough to realize having three agents interested was unusual. I figured I’d made it and one of them would offer to sign me soon. Didn’t happen.”

Why I Left My Solo Gig to Form Copyblogger Media (Brian Gardner) — “In all honesty, there are some pretty simple reasons why I did this… The bottom line is that ultimately I believed in the vision that Brian Clark cast about building a company which offered 3 things that online publishers need to succeed.”

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